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Christian Yeager is an accomplished 20 year old singer/songwriter who hails from Mechanicsburg, PA. With a passion for music that began at an early age. At 15, he completed his first recording, showcasing his talent and dedication to his craft. Yeager was awarded the Best Youth Artist 2021 by Central Pennsylvania Music Awards. Yeager's musical influences come from diverse ranges of genres, including rock, country and pop. He credits his father, who used to entertain him and his sister with stories of the Grand Ole Opry, with inspiring his love for country music. Yeager has deep passion for sharing positive messages of love through his music, which he sees as a way to express his love for God and his country. Currently, Yeager is a student at Belmont University, where he is majoring in Music Business. His musical talent has been recognized by several publications and radio stations, including Pennsylvania Musician Magazine, where Chief Editor Rachel Rock called his voice "an experience in itself", blending, rock, country, and pop in a unique and mesmerizing way. Scott Donato of Forever Media Froggy 107.7 praised Yeager's "unbelievable voice", while Erik Lane of WVNW Star Country 96.7 described him as having a "versatile and unique voice". Overall, Christian Yeager is an emerging talent in the music industry who is sure to make an impact with his passion, dedication and distinctive sound.

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Born For A Friday NightChristian Yeager
00:00 / 02:55
Anita In A HaystackChristian Yeager
00:00 / 03:01
Somebody's Loving You RightChristian Yeager
00:00 / 03:54
Somebody Wake Me UpChristian Yeager
00:00 / 02:27
From This MomentChristian Yeager
00:00 / 03:56



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